How It Works

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GoLive performs under a secure cloud-based platform. What does this mean for you?

No software to install

No servers


Seamlessly collect RSVPs to patient appointments and reduce no-shows by sending pre-appointment information and reminders.

Analytics and logic

The GoLive platform includes prebuilt analytical snapshots to track all of your communication efforts on a daily basis. It also boasts campaign tracking to follow customer engagement across time, as well as options to efficiently determine success.

You can even have a custom report built for every project. Each report includes all metadata necessary to evaluate your project’s success. All metadata is tracked internally, and can be used to create any reports necessary to determine the campaign’s success, track ROI and further your communication goals.


GoLive doesn’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all solution for your business’ communication goals.

Communicate How You Want

While our competitors structure their systems to adhere to their own revenue needs, we listen to you, assess your goals and create a user-managed system focused on what works for you and your clients—regardless of the cost.

We'll Show You How

GoLive also offers continuous hands-on education and advisement to help you stay compliant while driving value for your customers.


Let’s get down to brass tax, shall we? GoLive doesn’t charge a ton of money up front for a blanket solution that we’d give to a company double the size of yours—why pay for things you won’t use? You pay a flat fee per message, even if you only send one.


GoLive has helped industries like healthcare save millions of dollars in unutilized staff, equipment and resources due to missed appointments. Imagine what a little communication can do for you.


We want to do more than offer you an omnichannel communications tool. We want to help you continue to thrive with hands-on education. Your success is our success.


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