We pair technology with communication channels to solve your business challenges and increase consumer interaction with custom and directed solutions. While other companies focus on their own income, GoLive focuses on three things: outcome, compliance and cost.


GoLive doesn’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all solution for your business’ communication goals.


GoLive doesn’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all solution for your business’ communication goals.

Communicate How You Want

While our competitors structure their systems to adhere to their own revenue needs, we listen to you, assess your goals and create a user-managed system focused on what works for you and your clients—regardless of the cost.

We'll Show You How

GoLive also offers continuous hands-on education and advisement to help you stay compliant while driving value for your customers.

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When connecting is a matter of life or death. Literally.

GoLive is the only communication service to offer medical-grade cellular connectivity

When you need vital information-including medication reminders and lab results-to reach your customers, only GoLive can guarantee it will get there. This is how you put peace of mind at your client’s fingertips–and data security at yours.

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We built our system around the technical requirements and strict privacy standards of the medical field. Now GoLive provides this innovative platform across multiple industries just like yours.

Health Care

Get life-saving information to your customers including medication reminders and lab results through the only communication service to offer medical-grade connectivity.

Revenue Cycle Management

Create a superior customer experience with automated communication solutions that give your consumers the reminders and information they need.

Enterprise Messaging

Send messages across multiple systems safely and accurately.


Resolve issues while giving your customers peace of mind with a communications solution that helps you resolve everything from meter readings to maintenance.


Define yourself as an industry leader by offering solutions that make your customers lives easier. Our platform is simple, but it lets you manage automated communications across your various lines of business including credit cards, lending, retail and business banking, health services administration and more.


Enhance your relationship with both consumers and agents while reducing contact cost through proactive alerts and notifications, an efficient application/authorization process, automated appointment scheduling, A/R management and continued business solutions.


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