Workforce Management

with omnichannel messaging

Messaging employees want

Automated responses

Operational cost savings




GoLive developed an omnichannel software platform that integrated with the Workforce Management Software of a leading nationwide healthcare organization. The system and integration allowed employees to request paid time off in multiple ways and fully automated the results.


Getting Messages to Employees


Employee Requests

Allow employees to text, call in or access a website requesting paid time off. The results then post directly to the Workforce Management Software Program and notifies the proper departments.

Automated Response

The employee receives approval notification back via the same system. The request takes minutes vs. hours.

Massive Operational Savings

By eliminating the need for a call center to listen to a message, locate the supervisor, transmit the request and put the information manually into the Workforce Management System, they reduced the cost per transaction from approximately $7.50 per call in to .06 cents per request.

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