Medicare Part D

with timely SMS messaging

Texts that users pay attention to.

Medication Adherence

Increase revenue




GoLive developed a bi-directional text messaging chat program for Pharmacists within one of the largest healthcare networks in the US. The integration allowed them to chat via text with Medicare Part D patients about their prescriptions in real time.


Getting Messages to Users


Medication Reminders

Pharmacists send out notices to Medicare Part D patients that they have prescriptions available for them and determine if they are using their medications.

Immediate Communiation

The patient can ask questions back via text and resolve whatever questions they may have, reorder prescriptions etc.

Increase Adherence & Compliance

Medicare Part D patients were much more responsible about filling and using their medications, and as such patients now have a real time chat system that allows them to contact their Pharmacist immediately about any issues or concerns they may have. It increases medication compliance radically.

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